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1 18:19 194 Identifier (e.g. document designation number) DTR 22019 TR 22019
1 18:19 195 Title of document Considerations in performing toxicokinetic studies of nanomaterials Nanotechnologies - Considerations For Performing Toxicokinetic Studies With Nanomaterials
1 18:19 196 Scope/description This proposal is to prepare a document that gives principles on how toxicokinetic studies relevant for nanomaterials/nanoparticles should be designed and performed. The toxicokinetic studies are important to obtain insight in the toxicologically relevant target organs that should be considered in the safety evaluation and risk assessment of engineered and/or manufactured nanomaterials. Furthermore information might be obtained on relevant exposure durations (e.g. acute, chronic) for toxicity studies.

This document describes the background and principles for toxicokinetic studies relevant for nanomaterials.

Annex A shows the definitions for terminology with respect to toxicokinetics as used in OECD TG 417:2010

1 18:19 197 Keywords nanomaterials, toxicology, risk assessment nanomaterials, toxicology, risk assessment, toxicokinetics, OECD
1 18:19 198 Publication year 2019
1 18:19 210 Additional comments This document is currently under development by ISO/TC 229 WG 3
1 18:19 213 URL Link https://webstore.ansi.org/Standards/ISO/ISOTR220192019Question
1 18:19 214 Anticipated publication year 2018
1 18:19 215 Select Document Category Document Awaiting to be Published Published Document