Selected Document Category:Published Document
Source:Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology
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Publication Year:2013
Document Title:Planning of Nanoscale Science and Technology Facilities: Guidelines for Design, Construction, and Start-up
Scope:This Recommended Practice is an overview of factors involved in the design, start-up, and operation of facilities in the field of nanotechnology. It provides guidance in the planning and decision-making processes required for establishing facilities involved in nanoscale research and production as well as subcellular-scale biological research.
Keywords:nanotechnology facilities, nano laboratories, nano research centers
Type of Document:b. Best Practice
Issues Areas:Health, Safety, and Environment
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Additional CategoriesNano Facility Design
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Intended Stakeholders:Facility owners, designers, construction team, users/researchers, and equipment providers
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Submitter's Name:Diana Granitto
Submitter's e-mail:director@iest.org
Submitter's Company:IEST
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