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Source:International Electrotechnical Commission
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Publication Year:2016
Identifier:IEC TS 62607-4-2
Document Title:Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 4-2: Nano-enabled electrical energy storage - Physical characterization of cathode nanomaterials, density measurement
Scope:Provides a standardized method for the determination of the density of cathode nanomaterials in powder form used for electrical energy storage devices. This method provides users with a key control characteristic to decide whether or not a cathode nanomaterial is usable, or suitable for their application. This document includes definitions of terminology used in this document, recommendations for sample preparation, outlines of the experimental procedures used to measure cathode nanomaterial properties, methods of interpretation of results and discussion of data analysis, case studies, and references.
Keywords:cathode; cathode nanomaterials, energy storage
Type of Document:e. Specification
Issues Areas:Measurement and Characterizations
Performance Methods
Primary Category:Energy e.g. Energy storage, energy efficiency
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Goal or Need:This standardized method is intended for use in comparing the characteristics of cathode nanomaterials in the study stage, not for evaluating the electrode in end products. The method is applicable to materials exhibiting function or performance only possible with nanotechnology, intentionally added to the active materials to measurably and significantly change the characteristics of electrical energy storage devices.
Intended Stakeholders:cathode nanomaterial suppliers; nano-enabled energy storage device manufacturers
Is it Being Implemented:Research and nanomaterial development
Submitter's Name:Mike Leibowitz
Submitter's e-mail:mike.leibowitz@nema.org
Submitter's Company:NEMA
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Contact for Additional Info:Gerd Weking; gerd.weking at isc-team.eu