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Source:International Electrotechnical Commission
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Publication Year:2016
Identifier:IEC TS 62607-4-4
Document Title:Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 4-4: Nano-enabled electrical energy storage - Thermal characterization of nanomaterials, nail penetration method
Scope:Provides a measurement method for thermal runaway quality level test for nano-enabled energy storage devices. This method uses comparative measurement to enable a manufacturer to decide whether or not the nanomaterial additives used in energy storage devices are resilient against the thermal runaway caused by a faulty or accidental low resistance connection between two or several internal points depending on the number of stacking electrode layers of the test sample. The nanomaterial additives may mix with the materials of positive and negative electrodes, electrolyte, coated on electrodes or separator. This document includes definitions of terminology, test sample, puncture nail requirements, test procedures, data analysis and methods of interpretation of results and a case study. This document does not apply directly to the safety testing for energy storage device products due to complex safety design schemes embedded in these products.
Keywords:nano-enabled; energy storage; nail; nail penetration; thermal runaway; electrode
Type of Document:e. Specification
Issues Areas:Measurement and Characterizations
Performance Methods
Primary Category:Energy e.g. Energy storage, energy efficiency
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Goal or Need:In order to prevent a thermal runaway scenario, nano material additives has been used to ensure the reliability and safety of energy storage devices. The nano material additives may mix with active materials of electrodes, electrolyte, coated on the surface of electrodes or on a separator. This document specifies general testing procedures and requirements for the assessment of thermal runaway performance and risk associated with the nano-enabled energy storage devices prepared by employing nanomaterial additives and serve as the basis for further developing particular product specific standards. This method covers only large temperature rises in cell temperature caused by shorting of the anode and cathode. This method does not generally cover thermal runaway due to other causes such as high external temperature and is not a general method to prevent thermal runaway.
Intended Stakeholders:Nanomaterial suppliers; energy storage end product manufacturers and researchers
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