Entry Form for NSP

This form is intended to capture information on those documents (i.e., standards, guidelines, and regulations) currently under development that relate to nanotechnology and nanotechnology-related applications.

Note: This ANSI NSP Standards Database is not for uploading or collecting the standards or documents themselves, but rather relevant information regarding such documents. If you wish to provide a link for users to access specific documents, a field exists for that purpose and is labeled “url”.

The NSP Standards Database will play a key role in assessing the current nanotechnology standardization landscape and help identify potential gaps in recognized standards needs. We thank you for contributing to the success of this initiative.

Directions for this Data Entry Form:

While viewing the database is open, to enter your organization's standards or other relevant documents you must be a registered user. Registration is free and can be done here: http://nanostandards.ansi.org/tiki-register.php

Please note that registered users are able to edit or change their specific entries only. No one may change an entry submitted by another registered user.

This Data Entry Form has been developed to allow for an easier transition for documents moving from "Unpublished" to "Published."

When entering information about a document in this form, please select either "Published document" or "Document awaiting to be Published" from the initial "Select Document Category" drop-down. This selection will filter the entry to the correct page of the database.

Once a document is published, users will be required to go into that specific entry on the database and change the "Document Category" selection in the drop-down.


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