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Selected Document Category:Published Document
Source:International Organization for Standardization
Anticipated Publication Year:
Publication Year:2022
Identifier:TR 23463
Document Title:Nanotechnologies – Characterization of carbon nanotube and carbon nanofibre aerosols to be used in inhalation toxicity tests
Scope:This technical report reviews characterization of CNT and CNF aerosols for inhalation exposure studies. The technical report also provides useful information on appropriate characterizations of CNT and CNF which are required to evaluate and understand inhalation toxicity of CNT and CNF aerosols. This technical report neither provides guidance for other carbon nanomaterial aerosol characterization for inhalation study nor provides guidance for characterization of carbon nanotube and nanofibre aerosols in the workplace or ambient air.
Keywords:carbon nanomaterials, inhalation toxicity, workplace exposures, consumers
Type of Document:a. Standard
b. Best Practice
Issues Areas:Health, Safety, and Environment
Primary Category:General Industry/Manufacturing
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Goal or Need:Inhalation is a primary route of exposure to aerosolized carbon nanotubes (CNT) and carbon nanofibres (CNF).
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Submitter's Name:Heather Benko
Submitter's e-mail:[email protected]
Submitter's Company:American National Standards Institute
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Contact for Additional Info:Heather Benko, hbenko at ansi.org