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Source:International Organization for Standardization
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Publication Year:2012
Document Title:Nanotechnologies — Occupational risk management applied to engineered nanomaterials - Part 1: Principles and approaches

This part of ISO/TS 12901 provides guidance on occupational health and safety measures relating to engineered nanomaterials, including the use of engineering controls and appropriate personal protective equipment, guidance on dealing with spills and accidental releases, and guidance on appropriate handling of these materials during disposal.

This part of ISO/TS 12901 is intended for use by competent personnel, such as health and safety managers, production managers, environmental managers, industrial/occupational hygienists and others with responsibility for the safe operation of facilities engaged in production, handling, processing and disposal of engineered nanomaterials.

This part of ISO/TS 12901 is applicable to engineered materials that consist of nano-objects such as nanoparticles, nanofibres, nanotubes and nanowires, as well as aggregates and agglomerates of these materials (NOAA).

The term “NOAA”, as used in this part of ISO/TS 12901, applies to such components either in their original form or incorporated in materials or preparations from which they could be released to a certain extent during their lifecycle, including, as a result, downstream activities such as disposal.

Keywords:Nano-objects, agglomerates, aggregates, occupational health, safety, risk management
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Goal or Need:Those involved in the development and use of nanomaterials need to make assessment of their risks and implement effective risk management approaches based on the best available evidence.
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