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Source:International Organization for Standardization
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Publication Year:2012
Identifier:TR 13329
Document Title:Nanomaterials — Preparation of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Scope:This Technical Report provides guidance on the development of content for, and consistency in, the communication of information on safety, health and environmental matters in safety data sheets (SDS) for substances classified as manufactured nanomaterials and for chemical products containing manufactured nanomaterials. It provides supplemental guidance to ISO 11014:20091 on the preparation of SDSs generally, addressing the preparation of an SDS for both manufactured nanomaterials with materials and mixtures containing manufactured nanomaterials
Keywords:Manufactured nanomaterials, safety data sheet
Type of Document:a. Standard
Issues Areas:Health, Safety, and Environment
Primary Category:Chemicals e.g. pesticides, pharmaceuticals, paints, basic chemicals
Additional CategoriesGeneral Industry/Manufacturing
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Currently, there is limited information on the hazards of most nanomaterials. In many cases the degree of risk to workers or others who might be exposed to nanomaterials is partly unknown as the toxicological effects of nanomaterials are not yet well known and exposure is difficult to measure. Most hazard information and communication systems require preparation of an SDS for hazardous chemicals, including those containing nanomaterials, for use in manufacture, storage, transport or other occupational handling activities. Yet, only a few SDSs contain specific information about nanomaterials or are specific to nanomaterials. Those that exist generally provide insufficient hazard information (see Reference 2). There is evidence that some nanomaterials might be more hazardous, e.g. more bio-reactive or active, leading to higher toxicity, than the same material in bulk (non-nanoscale) form. Characteristics predictive of potential safety or toxicity for manufactured nanomaterials need to be determined and included in the preparation of an SDS.

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