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Source:U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
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Publication Year:2011
Identifier:DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2011-160
Document Title:Current Intelligence Bulletin 63: Occupational Exposure to Titanium Dioxide
Scope:This NIOSH CIB (1) reviews the animal and human data relevant to assessing the carcinogenicity and other adverse health effects of TiO2, (2) provides a quantitative risk assessment using dose-response information from the rat and human lung dosimetry modeling and recommended occupational exposure limits for fine and ultrafine (including engineered nanoscale) TiO2, and (3) describes exposure monitoring techniques, exposure control strategies, and research needs. This report only addresses occupational exposures by inhalation, and conclusions derived here should not be inferred to pertain to nonoccupational exposures.
Keywords:nanoscale titania, occupational safety and health
Type of Document:c. Guideline
Issues Areas:Health, Safety, and Environment
Primary Category:General Industry/Manufacturing
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Goal or Need:The goal of this document is to conduct risk assessment for workplace inhalation exposure to titania and to provide guidance on minimizing risks from this material in the workplace.
Intended Stakeholders:academia, industry, organized labor, public health agencies, and public interest groups as well as federal agencies responsible for ensuring the safety and health of workers
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Submitter's Name:Vladimir Murashov
Submitter's e-mail:vem8@cdc.gov
Submitter's Company:U.S. NIOSH
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