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Source:International Organization for Standardization
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Publication Year:2013
Identifier:TS 80004-6
Document Title:Nanotechnologies — Vocabulary — Part 6: Nano-object characterization
Scope:This Technical Specification lists terms and definitions relevant to the characterization of nano-objects
Type of Document:a. Standard
Issues Areas:Terminology and Nomenclature
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Goal or Need:Nano-object characterization involves interactions between people with different backgrounds and from different fields. Those interested in nano-object characterization might, for example, be materials scientists, biologists, chemists or physicists and might have a background that is primarily experimental or theoretical. Those making use of the data extend beyond this group to include regulators and toxicologists. To avoid any misunderstandings, and to facilitate both comparability and the reliable exchange of information, it is essential to clarify the concepts, to establish the terms for use and to establish their definitions.
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