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Source:International Organization for Standardization
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Publication Year:2017
Identifier:TS 80004-13
Document Title:Nanotechnologies — Vocabulary — Part X: Graphene and other two dimensional materials
Scope:This part of ISO/TS 80004 series lists terms and definitions for graphene and other two dimensional (2-D) materials, including terms describing production methods, properties and their characterisation.
Keywords:Graphene, graphite, nano-objects
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Issues Areas:Terminology and Nomenclature
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Over the last decade, a huge interest in graphene has arisen both scientifically and commercially, due to the properties, both structural and electrical, associated with this material. More recently, other 2-D materials have also shown promising properties, leading to a broadening of the graphene research to include a host of non-carbon 2-D materials. These materials need an associated agreed set of common vocabulary as they become commercialised and sold worldwide. It is important to standardise the terminology for the graphene and 2-D materials industry as the number of publications, patents and organisations in this area are rapidly increasing. It is envisioned that these materials will be used in industries ranging from composites to high-end electronic devices, thus the impact of the document will be far-reaching.

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