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Selected Document Category:Published Document
Source:International Organization for Standardization
Anticipated Publication Year:2017
Publication Year:2017
Identifier:TS 20477
Document Title:Nanotechnologies — Standard terms and their definition for cellulose nanomaterial

This glossary establishes standard terms for different types of cellulose nanomaterials, including the prerequisite
terms needed to properly define cellulose nanomaterials. This Technical Specification also includes previously
undefined secondary components found in some cellulose nanomaterials due to their manufacturing processes. The
terms in this glossary are applicable to all types of cellulose nanomaterials regardless of production methods and
their origin such as plants, animals, algae or bacteria. Terms of materials analogous to cellulose nanomaterials but
having dimensions larger than nanoscale are described in the annex for information purposes.

Keywords:cellulose; nanomaterials; terminology
Type of Document:a. Standard
Issues Areas:Terminology and Nomenclature
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Submitter's Name:Heather Benko
Submitter's e-mail:[email protected]
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Contact for Additional Info:Bernadette Quemerais; University of Alberta; quemerai at ualberta.ca