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Selected Document Category:Published Document
Source:International Organization for Standardization
Anticipated Publication Year:
Publication Year:2015
Identifier:TR 17302
Document Title:Nanotechnologies -- Framework for identifying vocabulary development for nanotechnology applications in human healthcare

This Technical Report will not attempt a formal, comprehensive definition of "nanomedicine”. Instead, it will provide a taxonomic framework for the development of vocabulary for clinical applications of nanotechnologies in human healthcare. While it is understood that the origins of nanotechnologies for healthcare applications emerge from pre-clinical and translational research, the interest of this Technical Report is to determine where these technologies will impact the clinical value chain and the practice of medicine.

This Technical Report is intended to facilitate communications between developers and users of nanotechnologies, deliverers and users of medicine including the pharmaceutical, research and medical communities, regulatory professionals, and additional organizations and individuals who might interact with these groups, including biotechnology, diagnostic, and medical device companies, the life sciences, patent attorneys and patent offices, institutional review boards, ethics review boards, and accreditation organizations.

Keywords:nanomedicine, diagnostics, therapeutics, prediction/prevention, monitoring, value chain
Type of Document:a. Standard
Issues Areas:Terminology and Nomenclature
Primary Category:Chemicals e.g. pesticides, pharmaceuticals, paints, basic chemicals
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Goal or Need:Due to the keen public interest in the advancement of human healthcare, a common vocabulary is particularly relevant to the development of research proposals to gain funding and to communicate findings and results. This Technical Report provides a taxonomic framework to serve as the basis for the development of terminology related to the application of nanotechnologies in human healthcare.
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Submitter's Name:Heather Benko
Submitter's e-mail:[email protected]
Submitter's Company:ANSI
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Contact for Additional Info:Brian Haydon ([email protected]) ISO/TC 229 JWG 1 Secretary