Selected Document Category:Published Document
Source:International Electrotechnical Commission
Anticipated Publication Year:
Publication Year:2017
Identifier:IEC TS 80004-9
Document Title:Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 9: Nano-enabled electrotechnical products and systems
Scope:Specifies terms and definitions for electrotechnical products and systems reliant on nanomaterials for their essential functionalities. It is intended to facilitate communications between organizations and individuals in industry and those who interact with them.
Keywords:vocabulary; terminology; electrotechnical vocabulary
Type of Document:e. Specification
Issues Areas:Terminology and Nomenclature
Primary Category:Energy e.g. Energy storage, energy efficiency
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Goal or Need:
Intended Stakeholders:Nano-electrotechnical industry and research
Is it Being Implemented:It is used as a reference document providing definitions of terms to be used in IEC standards for nano-enabled electrotechnologies
Submitter's Name:Mike Leibowitz
Submitter's e-mail:mike.leibowitz@nema.org
Submitter's Company:NEMA
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Contact for Additional Info:Haridoss Sarma; hari56 at rogers.com