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Source:International Electrotechnical Commission
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Publication Year:2012
Identifier:IEC TS 62622
Document Title:Nanotechnologies - Description, measurement and dimensional quality parameters of artificial gratings
Scope:Specifies the generic terminology for the global and local quality parameters of artificial gratings, interpreted in terms of deviations from nominal positions of grating features, and provides guidance on the categorization of measurement and evaluation methods for their determination.
Keywords:artificial gratings; dimensional quality
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Issues Areas:Terminology and Nomenclature
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Goal or Need:This specification is intended to facilitate communication among manufacturers, users and calibration laboratories dealing with the characterization of the dimensional quality parameters of artificial gratings used in nanotechnology. This specification supports quality assurance in the production and use of artificial gratings in different areas of application in nanotechnology.
Intended Stakeholders:nanomaterial manufacturers, nanomaterial users; research
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Submitter's Name:Mike Leibowitz
Submitter's e-mail:mike.leibowitz@nema.org
Submitter's Company:NEMA
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