Selected Document Category:Published Document
Source:International Electrotechnical Commission
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Publication Year:2016
Identifier:IEC TS 62844
Document Title:Guidelines for quality and risk assessment for nano-enabled electrotechnical products
Scope:Provides a recommended methodology for identifying relevant parameters of nanomaterials as well as providing generic guidelines on implementation of quality assessment and environment/health/safety assessment for nano-enabled/nano-enhanced electrotechnical products.
Keywords:nanotechnology, risk assessment, environment, health, safety
Type of Document:b. Best Practice
Issues Areas:Health, Safety, and Environment
Primary Category:Computers and electronics
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Intended Stakeholders:Nanomaterial suppliers
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Submitter's Name:Mike Leibowitz
Submitter's e-mail:mike.leibowitz@nema.org
Submitter's Company:NEMA
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