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230International Organization for StandardizationISOPWI 12769 Nanotechnologies - Toxicity assessment of manufactured nanomaterials in soils using plant Arabidopsis thaliana- To assess the acute and chronic toxicity of nanomaterials in soils - To standardize a protocol...a. Standard Health, Safety, and EnvironmentChemicals e.g. pesticides, pharmaceuticals, paints, basic chemicals2022-08-03
229International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 11353Nanotechnologies — Test method for detection of nano-object release from respiratory masks media under different working conditionsThis TS specifies a test method for detection of nano-object/s release from respiratory masks...release; nano-objects,a. Standard Health, Safety, and EnvironmentPersonal care products2022-01-14
214International Organization for StandardizationISO23361Nanotechnologies — Crystallinity of cellulose nanomaterials by powder X-ray diffraction (Ruland-Rietveld analysis)To be updated.a. Standard Measurement and Characterizations2021-09-01
194International Organization for Standardization ISO 21356-1Nanotechnologies – Structural characterization of graphene – Part 1: Graphene from powders and dispersionsThis technical specification specifies the order of methods for characterising the structural...graphene, 2d materials, powders, dispersons, measurement techniquesa. Standard Measurement and Characterizations2021-09-01
212International Organization for StandardizationISOTR 23652Nanotechnologies - Considerations for Radiolabeling Methods of Nanomaterials for Performance EvaluationThis document reviews radiolabeling methods for nanomaterials and methods to ensure their in vivo...a. Standard Performance MethodsBionano applications2021-08-26
213International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 7833Nanotechnologies -- Extraction method of nanomaterial from organs by the proteinase K extractionThis document specifies an extraction method of nanomaterials deposited in organs using the...Toxicokinetics;a. Standard Health, Safety, and Environment2021-08-25
211International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 23878Nanotechnologies -- Positron annihilation lifetime measurement for nanopore evaluation in materialsThis document describes a method for performing positron annihilation lifetime measurements with...a. Standard Measurement and Characterizations2021-08-18
210International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 4958Nanotechnologies — Liposomes terminologyThis part of ISO/TS 80004 lists terms and definitions related to liposomes in the field of...liposomes, terminologya. Standard Terminology and NomenclatureRegulators, pharmaceutical companies, personal care companies2021-08-18
209International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 4971Nanotechnologies – Performance evaluation of nanosuspensions containing clay nanoplates for quorum QuenchingThis document specifies the performance evaluation of nanosuspension containing clay nanoplates...a. Standard Performance MethodsFood e.g. Preserving/Specialty food manufacturingAgriculture industry, academia, non-governmental organizations2021-08-18
208International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 23367Nanotechnologies — Performance characteristics of nanosensors for biomolecule detectionThis document describes the performance characteristics necessary to evaluate the detection...a. Standard Performance Methods2021-08-18
207International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 23366Nanotechnologies – Performance evaluation requirements for quantifying biomolecules using fluorescent nanoparticles in immunohistochemistryThis document describes minimum requirements for performance evaluation of applying fluorescent...biotechnology, medical research, fluorescent nanoparticlesa. Standard Performance Methods2021-08-18
206International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 22298Nanotechnologies — Silica nanomaterials — Specifications of characteristics and measurement methods for nanostructured porous silica samples with ordered nanopore arrayThis document specifies characteristics to be measured and their measurement methods of silica...a. Standard Material SpecificationsChemicals e.g. pesticides, pharmaceuticals, paints, basic chemicals2021-08-18
205International Organization for StandardizationISOISO TS 23361Nanotechnologies -- Crystallinity of cellulose nanomaterials by powder X-ray diffraction (Ruland-Rietveld analysis)This document specifies the determination of the bulk crystallinity (crystalline contribution...cellulose nanomaterial, measurement techniqueMeasurement and Characterizations2021-08-18
204International Organization for StandardizationISOTR 24672Nanotechnologies – Guidance on the measurement of nanoparticle number concentrationThis Technical Report provides an overview of methods used to determine the nanoparticle number...nanoparticle, dispersions, measurement techniquesa. Standard Measurement and Characterizations2021-08-18
199International Organization for StandardizationISOTR 5387Nanotechnologies: Lung burden measurement of nanomaterials for inhalation toxicity studiesThe technical report provides information on measurement of nanomaterial mass in tissue after...a. Standard Health, Safety, and Environment2021-08-17
197International Organization for StandardizationISO5094Nanotechnologies — Assessment of peroxidase-like activity of metal and metal oxide nanoparticlesThis document specifies a method for assessing the peroxidase-like activity of metal and metal...a. Standard Health, Safety, and Environment2021-08-17
192International Organization for Standardization ISO TS 23302Nanotechnologies — Guidance on measurands for characterising nano-objects and materials that contain themThis Technical Specification provides guidelines for the identification of measurands to...NOAA, measurement techniques, physico-chemical propertiesa. Standard Measurement and Characterizations2019-06-14
186International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC TS 62876-2-1Nanotechnology - Reliability assessment - Part 2.1: Nano-enabled photovoltaic - Stability testEstablishes a general stability testing program to verify the stability of the performance of...e. SpecificationMeasurement and CharacterizationsEnergy e.g. Energy storage, energy efficiency2017-01-27
185International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC TS 62607-4-7Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 4-7: Anode nanomaterials for nano-enabled electrical energy storage- Determination of magnetic materials, ICP-OES methodProvides a method for the determination of magnetic impurities in anode nanomaterials for...e. SpecificationMeasurement and CharacterizationsEnergy e.g. Energy storage, energy efficiency2017-01-27
184International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC TS 62607-4-6Nanomanufacturing-Key control characteristics - Part 4-6: Nano-enabled electrical energy storage devices - Determination of carbon content for nano electrode materials, infrared absorption methodDescribes a method for determining the carbon content in nano electrode materials with carbon...e. SpecificationMeasurement and CharacterizationsEnergy e.g. Energy storage, energy efficiencyBattery electrode nanomaterial suppliers; energy storage device manufacturers2017-01-27
183International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC TS 62565-4-2Nanomanufacturing - Material specifications - Part 4-2: Luminescent nanomaterials - Detail specification for general lighting and display applicationsSpecifies the essential general and optical requirements of mono-disperse luminescent...nanomanufacturing; material specifications; detail specification; luminescent nanomaterials; quantume. SpecificationMaterial SpecificationsEnergy e.g. Energy storage, energy efficiencyLuminescent nanomaterial suppliers; manufacturers of nano-enabled end use electrotechnical products2017-01-27
182International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC 62565-3-1Nanomanufacturing - Material specifications - Part 3-1: Graphene - Blank detail specificationEstablishes a blank detail specification and format for listing essential electrical and certain...Nanomanufacturing; blank detail specification; graphene; electrotechnical; single layer; few layer;a. Standard Material SpecificationsComputers and electronics2017-01-27
165International Organization for StandardizationISODTS 21975Nanotechnologies -- Polymeric nanocomposite films for food packaging -- Barrier properties: characteristics and measurement methodsThis technical specification specifies physical, chemical, structural characteristics as well as...nanocomposites, food packaginga. Standard Material SpecificationsFood e.g. Preserving/Specialty food manufacturing2017-01-09
142International Organization for StandardizationISO19807Nanotechnology — Liquid suspensions of magnetic nanoparticles - Characteristics and measurementsThis technical specification includes (1) description of the fundamental characteristics of...magnetic; nanoparticles;a. Standard Material Specifications2015-07-01
139ASTM International Committee E56ASTM WK48313 New Guide for Standard Guide for Collection and Generation of Environment, Health, and Safety Information for Nanomaterials and Nanoenabled ProductsThis guide provides a consistent process for generating environmental health and safety (EHS)...EHS, Environment, Health, Safety, Structure, nanotechnology; release; nanomaterial; risk; hazard; fac. GuidelineHealth, Safety, and Environment2015-03-18
56International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC 62659Large scale manufacturing for nanoelectronicsThis standard provides a framework for introducing nanoelectronics into large scale, high volume...nanoscale; contacts; nanomanufacturing; graphene; carbon nanotubes; nanotechnology; process; bottom-a. Standard Terminology and Nomenclature
Measurement and Characterizations
Material Specifications
Performance Methods
Product Specifications
General Industry/Manufacturing2014-03-07
55International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC 62565-3-1Nanomanufacturing - Material specifications - Part 3-1: Graphene - Blank detail specificationThis standard establishes a blank detail specification for essential electrical and certain other...Graphene; multilayer graphene; single layer graphene; flake;a. Standard Terminology and Nomenclature
Measurement and Characterizations
Material Specifications
Product Specifications
Energy e.g. Energy storage, energy efficiency2014-03-07
8Institute of Environmental Sciences and TechnologyIESTIEST-RP-NANO205Nanotechnology Safety: Applying Prevention through Design Principles to Nanotechnology FacilitiesThis Recommended Practice provides facility design information that will minimize risks for...nanotechnology facilities, nano safetyb. Best PracticeHealth, Safety, and EnvironmentNano facility planners, owners, designers2014-02-28
11ASTM InternationalASTMWK37636New Guide for detection and characterization of manufactured silver nanomaterials in textiles Scope Silver is among the most highly commercialized manufactured nanomaterials and is...Silver; Nanomaterials; Detection; Characterizationa. Standard Measurement and Characterizations2014-02-28
12ASTM InternationalASTMWK38731 New Specification for ASTM Nanotechnology Environment, Health and Safety Personnel Certification Program Scope This guide outlines an educational basis for nanoEHS certification by providing EHS...nanotoxicology, nanomaterial hazard, exposurea. Standard Health, Safety, and Environment2014-02-28
13ASTM InternationalASTMWK39049New Guide for Sample Preparation of Charge-Stabilized Metal Nanoparticles for Electron Microscopy This guide establishes a standard method for the preparation of stabilized metal particle...Particle size distribution, electron microscopy, sa. Standard Measurement and Characterizations
Performance Methods
14International Electrotechnical CommissionIECTR 62632Nanoscale electrical contacts and interconnectsIdentifies nanoscale contacts and nano-interconnects that will be common in products, to describe...nanoscale contact interconnecta. Standard Measurement and CharacterizationsEnergy e.g. Energy storage, energy efficiencyProduct designers and researchers in the fields of nano-electrotechnology2014-02-28
19CSA GroupCSACSA Z5100Cellulosic nanomaterials- Test methods for characterization1.1 This Standard describes test methods for characterization of base cellulosic nanomaterials,...cellulose nanocrystals, cellulose nanofibrils, celThis Standard provides a consolidated set of test methods to characterize base cellulosic...2014-02-28