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137International Organization for StandardizationISOTR 19733Nanotechnologies - Matrix Of Properties And Measurement Techniques For Graphene And Related Two-Dimensional (2D) MaterialsThis document provides a matrix which links key properties of graphene and related...Graphene, 2-d materials, measurement methods, structural propertiesa. Standard Measurement and Characterizations2019-06-14
18International Organization for StandardizationISO19007Nanotechnologies - In Vitro MTS Assay For Measuring The Cytotoxic Effect Of NanoparticlesISO 19007:2018 specifies a method for evaluating the effects of nano-objects and their aggregates...a. Standard Health, Safety, and EnvironmentBiological testing laboratories.2019-06-14
143International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 20660Nanotechnologies - Antibacterial Silver Nanoparticles - Specification Of Characteristics And Measurement MethodsThis document provides guidance for the specification of characteristics and relevant measurement...Nanosilver; antibacterial properties; characteristics; measurement methodsa. Standard Material Specifications2019-06-14
151International Organization for StandardizationISOTR 21386Nanotechnologies -- Considerations for the measurement of nano-objects and their aggregates and agglomerates (NOAA) in environmental matricesThis document provides some considerations for the collection of environmental samples to be...Nano-objects, environmental media, air, sediment, water, sampling, NOAA,a. Standard Health, Safety, and Environment2019-06-14
162International Organization for StandardizationISOTR 22019Nanotechnologies - Considerations For Performing Toxicokinetic Studies With NanomaterialsThis document describes the background and principles for toxicokinetic studies relevant for...nanomaterials, toxicology, risk assessment, toxicokinetics, OECDa. Standard Health, Safety, and Environment2019-06-14
190International Organization for StandardizationISO21361Nanotechnologies -- Method to quantify air concentrations of carbon black and amorphous silica in the nanoparticle size range in a mixed dust manufacturing environmentThis document provides guidelines to quantify and identify air concentration (number of...carbon black; amorphous silica, industrial, collection, characterization, TEMa. Standard Measurement and Characterizations
Health, Safety, and Environment
General Industry/Manufacturing2019-06-14
17International Organization for StandardizationISOTR 19057The use and suitability of In Vitro Tests and Methodologies to assess Nanomaterial BiodurabilityThis Technical Report (TR) will investigate the use and suitability of in vitro tests and...a. Standard Health, Safety, and Environment2018-01-09
146International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 20787Nanotechnologies — Aquatic Toxicity Assessment of Nanomaterials using Artemia Sp.This technical specification is to describe an acute toxicity test method to assess effects of...Toxicity testing; nanomaterials; artemiaa. Standard Health, Safety, and EnvironmentWith this proposed document, manufacturers of nanomaterials can provide appropriate safety...2018-01-09
75International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 80004-13Nanotechnologies — Vocabulary — Part X: Graphene and other two dimensional materials This part of ISO/TS 80004 series lists terms and definitions for graphene and other two...Graphene, graphite, nano-objectsa. Standard Terminology and Nomenclature2017-09-07
71International Organization for StandardizationISO18110Nanotechnologies - Vocabularies for Science, Technology and Innovation IndicatorsThis Technical Specification aims to provide the necessary definitions that specify the bounds of...nanotechnology, nanoscience, economicsa. Standard Terminology and Nomenclature2017-08-29
74International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 80004-12Nanotechnology – Vocabulary – Part 12: Quantum phenomena in nanotechnologyThis part of ISO/TS 80004 series lists terms and definitions related to quantum phenomenon...a. Standard Terminology and Nomenclature2017-08-29
59International Organization for StandardizationISO19601Aerosol generation for NOAA (Nano-objects, and their aggregates and agglomerates) air exposure studies This technical report reviews the practice of aerosolization of NOAA (nano-objects and their...Nano-objects, and their aggregated and agglomerates greater than 100 nm (NOAA), in vivo, in vitro, ta. Standard Health, Safety, and Environment2017-08-29
141International Organization for StandardizationISO20477Standard terms and their definition for cellulose nanomaterialsThis glossary establishes standard terms for different types of cellulose nanomaterials,...cellulose; nanomaterials; terminologya. Standard Terminology and Nomenclature2017-08-29
135International Organization for StandardizationISO19590Detection and sizing of nanoparticles in aqueous media via single particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)This ISO TS specifies a test method for the detection and characterisation of nanoparticles in...nanoparticles, aqeuous solutions, ICP-MS, particle concentrationa. Standard Health, Safety, and Environment2017-06-15
73International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 80004-11Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 11: Nanolayer, nanocoating, nanofilm and related terms This Technical Specification gives terms and definitions for • nanocoatings, nanolayers,...a. Standard Terminology and NomenclatureChemicals e.g. pesticides, pharmaceuticals, paints, basic chemicals2017-06-15
72International Organization for StandardizationISOTR 18401Nanotechnologies - Plain Language Guide for TerminologyThis Technical Report explains selected terms and definitions within the ISO 80004 series of...a. Standard Terminology and Nomenclature2017-06-15
2International Organization for StandardizationISO18827ESR as a method for measuring ROS generated by metal oxide nanomaterialsThis technical specification will provide guidelines for the toxicity of ZnO nanomaterials in...Electronic spin resonance; ESR; Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS); spin-trap agentsa. Standard Health, Safety, and EnvironmentNA2017-06-15
181International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC 62860-1Test methods for the characterization of organic transistor-based ring oscillatorscovers recommended methods and standardized reporting practices for electrical characterization...electrical characterization; high impedance; printing; organic transistor; printed electronics; ringa. Standard Measurement and CharacterizationsComputers and electronics2017-01-27
180International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC 62860Test methods for the characterization of organic transistors and materialscovers recommended methods and standardized reporting practices for electrical characterization...electrical characterization FET flexible electronics high impedance nanocomposite nanotechnology OFEa. Standard Measurement and CharacterizationsComputers and electronics2017-01-27
179International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC TS 62844Guidelines for quality and risk assessment for nano-enabled electrotechnical productsProvides a recommended methodology for identifying relevant parameters of nanomaterials as well...nanotechnology, risk assessment, environment, health, safetyb. Best PracticeHealth, Safety, and EnvironmentComputers and electronicsNanomaterial suppliers2017-01-27
178International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC TR 82834IEC nanoelectronics standardization roadmapdescribes the "IEC nanoelectronics standardization roadmap". It intends to establish a common...nanoelectronics; roadmap; nano-electrotechnology; nanoscale; nanofabricationd. Reference MaterialMeasurement and CharacterizationsComputers and electronics2017-01-27
177International Electrotechnical CommissionIEC/IEEEIEC 62624Test methods for measurement of electrical properties of carbon nanotubesProvides methods for the electrical characterization of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), independent of...carbon nanotube; electrical characterization; high-impedance measurement; nanotechnologya. Standard Measurement and CharacterizationsComputers and electronicsCNT suppliers; electronics and computer manufacturing2017-01-27
176International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC TS 62622Nanotechnologies - Description, measurement and dimensional quality parameters of artificial gratingsSpecifies the generic terminology for the global and local quality parameters of artificial...artificial gratings; dimensional qualityTerminology and Nomenclaturenanomaterial manufacturers, nanomaterial users; research2017-01-27
175International Electrotechnical CommissionIEC/IEEEIEC 62659Nanomanufacturing - Large scale manufacturing for nanoelectronicsProvides a framework for introducing nanoelectronics into large scale, high volume production in...nanoelectronics; large scale; high volume production; semiconductor; nanomaterials; carbon nanotubesa. Standard Performance MethodsComputers and electronics2017-01-26
174International Electrotechnical CommissionIECIEC TS 62607-6-4Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 6-4: Graphene - Surface conductance measurement using resonant cavityestablishes a method for determining the surface conductance of two-dimensional (2D) single-layer...graphene; surface conductance; nano-carbon; chemical vapor deposition; CVD; resonant cavity; resonane. SpecificationMeasurement and CharacterizationsEnergy e.g. Energy storage, energy efficiencyGraphene suppliers, graphene end users; researchers2017-01-26