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51CSA GroupCSAZ12885Nanotechnologies — Exposure control program for engineered nanomaterials in occupational settings This is the first edition of CSA Z12885, Nanotechnologies — Exposure control program for...nanotechnologies, nanomaterials, workplace safety, engineereed nanomaterials, exposure control, occua. Standard Health, Safety, and EnvironmentGeneral Industry/ManufacturingThis Standard focuses on the manufacture and use of engineered nanomaterials in workplaces... The...2014-02-28
38International Organization for StandardizationISOISO/DIS 14644-12Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments — Part 12: Classification of air cleanliness by nanoscale particle concentrationThis Draft International Standard covers the classification of air cleanliness by particles (ACP)...nanoscale particles, nano cleanroom, ACPa. Standard Measurement and Characterizations
Performance Methods
Energy e.g. Energy storage, energy efficiencyThose involved with compliance and testing of nanoscale particle cleanliness of air in a...2014-02-28
29International Organization for StandardizationISOISO/TR 13014Nanotechnologies — Guidance on physico-chemical characterization of engineered nanoscale materials for toxicologic assessmentThis Technical Report provides guidance for the physico-chemical characterization of manufactured...nano-objects, agglomerates, aggregates, parameters, toxicology, assessmenta. Standard Health, Safety, and EnvironmentChemicals e.g. pesticides, pharmaceuticals, paints, basic chemicalsToxicologists, regulators, health and safety professionals2014-02-28
146International Organization for StandardizationISOTS 20787Nanotechnologies — Aquatic Toxicity Assessment of Nanomaterials using Artemia Sp.This technical specification is to describe an acute toxicity test method to assess effects of...Toxicity testing; nanomaterials; artemiaa. Standard Health, Safety, and EnvironmentWith this proposed document, manufacturers of nanomaterials can provide appropriate safety...2018-01-09